The museum is open on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the months April to September and 1st Sunday of October. The museum is closed from November to March.

Next opening is: Sunday 7 april 2019 (currently we are closed for the season), 11am - 4pm Entrance fee : Adult € 6,00, Children 4-12 years € 3,00, Children 0-3 years and registered veterans (war/UN peacekeeping) free.

Tours (date and time as published on our website):

All our tours are in Dutch, but our guides are able to understand and answer your questions in English or German.
Buitenrondleiding: A guided tour along and through the bunkers of coastal battery Heerenduin and anti-aircraft battery Olmen. You'll need a flashlight (we can't provide flashlights, you have to bring your own one). € 8.00 p.p., duration: approx. 2 hours.
Kinderrondleiding: Children's tour - For children 7 to 11 years old (accompanied by an adult) - It is not allowed to book this tour without children. The number of adults to be booked, may not exceed the number of children. With this tour you visit a part of the museum. After a break the tour continues along and through some bunkers of coastal battery Heerenduin. You'll need a flashlight (we can't provide flashlights, you have to bring your own one). € 10.00 p.p. children (including snack, drinks, diploma and cap), € 7.50 p.p. adult companion, duration: approx. 2½ hours.
Museumrondleiding: Museum Tour (not always available) - Guided tour through the museum while the museum is closed. € 8.00 p.p., duration: approx. 2¼ hours.

It is mandatory to book in advance - You can use our online bookingpage (which is in Dutch), or you can send us a mail with the name, date and time of the tour, your name, country and city of residence, phonenumber, e-mail address, number of participants (in case of Kinderrondleiding also number of children, their names, ages and gender). Mail to :

Tours (groups):

All our tours may also be booked by groups, with a English or German speaking guide. You are free to choose date and time for the tour, as far as there is a guide available. Contact us by e-mail.
Buitenrondleiding: € 150.00 (non-profit or private groups € 100.00), max. 20 participants - Museumrondleiding: € 150.00 (non-profit or private groups € 100.00) max. 15 participants - Kinderrondleiding: € 50.00 PLUS € 5.00 for each child, max. 10 children, 2 adult companions free)


Badweg 38, IJmuiden aan Zee. No parking at the museum, free parking (300 meters): Westonstraat, payed parking (400 meters): Marina Seaport.

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